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Thanks for the encouragement! I didn't realise how huge a project this would be. And now there's all the fallout to deal with from the beta release...


Thanks! And no offense taken, don't worry.


I considered suspend-to-ram, but I heard performance is flakey on different hardware. This is something I'll definitely investigate, though.

Here's a question: how would you implement the option to suspend? UAE-Control only gives a choice to exit. Perhaps a Linux console (or window) requester asking whether to shut down/reboot/suspend? But - that's an extra step (think: 'obstacle') to the ultimate goal... Ideally there should be some extra options in UAE-Control...

Hibernation is out of the question. It involves saving the current state to the hard drive, and on rebooting, querying the kernel and then re-loading the saved state. In the case of X-Amiga, it actually takes LONGER to come out of hibernation than to cleanly reboot!

The Busybox problem is quite common. The CD is having problems detecting your hardware. Does the problem occur on your Zonbu? (BTW, that's an awesomely neat computer! I WANT ONE!!!)

Does the problem occur if you try other distros, like Ubuntu?

I *think* I know of a way to fix it; working on it...

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