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AmigaSYS 3 Plus Live 07 for USB!

2007.11.22 - AmigaSYS 3 Live 07 for USB released!

AmigaSYS 3 Live 07 for USB

Newest version goes USB
If you never heard of AmigaSYS live, please read the 'older versions' chapter below.
I have decided that it would be much nicer if one had a bootable AmigaSYS on a USB stick instead of having to boot from a separate CD. Here are some pros and cons:

Takes less space to take with you.
USB sticks/drive are becomming very affordable
CD's damage more easily

Not all computer can boot from a USB drive
Not everyone has a USB stick big enough

Tell me if there's more...
Requirements and steps to take to get started:
I've made an instrustions movie for those who'd like to see how next steps are done.

Step 1: Pick a USB drive which is at least 512MB! in size and format this drive FAT or FAT32.
Step 2: Copy the extracted Kick Rom file from your Amiga (or use the Cloanto's Kickrom you bought) plus the "Workbench" and "Extra's" disk images (amigaos 3.0 or 3.1) to the freshly formatted USB drive.
Step 3: Burn the ISO file (from download section) onto CD and boot from CD.
Step 4: Follow the instructions, when finished type "restart".
Step 5: Boot the computer from USB and set up the AmigaSYS environment.

Once you're done, it's very easy to boot your customizable AmigaSYS environment on modern PC's!

Megathx for Author : NEBULAH

Download ISO , instrustions video AVI.

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