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Announcement: Oldskool UK to create Amibench alternative

Following the sad demise of Amibench, us over at OldSkool UK are looking to set up an alternative site for Miggy scene trading.

We are currently sussing out the hosting options and would like some web coders to join the project.

Sarek2k, Dazzaboy and myself are up for it and are prepared to support it long term, if anyone else would like to get involved, we will welcome you over at Oldskool UK.

The working title we are using so far is either "Amigabay" or "Amibay", so if anyone has ideas about nicking the domain addresses and cybersquatting, please don't, as we will be sorting this out over the next few days.

All I ask is that some of the people who supported AmiBench support our new project.

We don't intend to conflict with recognised traders on here like Amigakit, all we want to do is provide an alternative to Fleabay for the Amiga scene in the same way AmiBench did, maybe with a few bells and whistles added on as we get it rolling.


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