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It would probably help if I had typed the entire URL

Originally Posted by Frog View Post
The music of Wipe Out XL on PC are stored as file and not as CD Audio track.
Ahh no actually, the audio is CDDA, the files that you believe to be the audio are in fact just references to the audio tracks. It's easy to get fooled by this because if you copy an "audio" file (they have an SWP extension) from the CD using Windows then the CD filesystem copies the audio sectors but tacks on a RIFF WAV header, this is because the CD's Table of Contents has those regions marked as audio mode sectors. Like many things in Windows it's helpful rather than correct behaviour.

Originally Posted by DrF View Post
Well you have the ISO, no need to burn it to a actual CDR, just mount the ISO then?
That does work - music and everything - but because the game always looks for the CD in the first optical drive you have to turn off any real CD/DVD drives to get it to work, it's much easier to just burn it.

Originally Posted by DrF View Post
Also Mega Games lists WipeOut XL and WipeOut 2097 as seperate games, where your title lists it together as 1 game? (Just found out its a region thing so all is ok now )
They're not exactly the same but with a little file duplication you can use either game EXE with either CD, the fixed speed fixed EXE is from WXL but I'm running without major issue using a 2097 CD.

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