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Originally Posted by Doc Mindie View Post
So for ME, a PPC Amiga, IS an Amiga, as it's been "official" since before C= went under
Yeah, expanding an Amiga is different. If the hardware runs original software natively and the card allows you to run a newer Amiga OS, sure.

You could stick an IBM card in most of the machines around 1990; Mac, Amiga, bunch of Japanese systems, maybe even some Atari model, dunno. They'd run PC games, apps galore, still they'd be Macs, Amigas etc.

But if running its software is enough, then my Intel PC running an emulator is an Amiga.

If both hardware and software is replaced, what's left of the Amiga? The OS? Not the filing system - filing systems are "borrowed" or adapted left and right. "Look and feel" (c) Apple? That's it! The right click menu is what is Amiga! hehe
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