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i partially agree with fred though... i think tramiels were kind of visionary in the end...
sure they were tough as business men need to be, but the fact that they got interested in amiga team in the first place prooves they understood the potential of this machine..

Don't forget that jack left commodore because the board got affraid of his c64 price war, cutting profits per unit to record lows but making sales explode....this "cheap powerful computer" view is really at the heart of atari st and amiga computers (amiga since the beginning was designed by a tech genius -jay miner- to be priced at the gaming console level because of the very first investors goals) the time it was a great achievment compared to high pricing of pc and mac considered as pro-machines (even if not as powerful).

tramiels belong to the ones that shared the vision of "power computers for the masses" and we must respect the fact that they gave the kids at the time (us) the power to have such great machines at our disposal given their cheap prices!!
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