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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck View Post
There is one particual thing about Amigans that anger me.

Tramiel bashing.
Look, if it were not for Jack, none of us would have had the Vic 20, C 64, and even the Amiga. We would not have had the Atari ST to laugh at (I owned one).

SO get off their case!!

Regarding Jack Tramiel, its seems unlikely we would be having this conversation or the Amiga would ever have existed had he been successful in his negotiations with the original team.

And its difficult to see how even a fan-boy would object to him being described as a very ruthless businessman who regarded his dealings with other businesses as a form of war, and clearly it could be phrased in far stronger terms.

Putting aside the obvious "what goes round comes round" response, his approach was not one designed or likely to make him popular or highly regarded for his services to the community, so I think its just something you'll have to live with.
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