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Apple has a killer OS, but still the industry standard main business apps (wordprocessor, spreadsheet etc...) are made for OS 9,X by microsoft, of course i'm refering to Mac Office...

... do really think that Microsoft are going to port these "Killer Apps" to an Amiga OS, i think not, and don't go saying "the Amiga doesn't need these apps", software makes the machine, the hardware is useless without software...

... love or hate 'em, microsoft make the "Important business tools" even Apple admit that, business computing takes a huge market share of the overall industry, if you don't get support from developers you are dead.

Amiga Inc/AmigaOne does not have buckets of money, but still they are saying basically "we want to make an OS/machine, that will not sell", if you don't make big sales you are dead.

there are 335 members of EAB, most of which probably have a fairly good income, love the Amiga, large technical knowledge of either coding, graphics, music, OS design and hardware development, SO I SAY * BOLLOCKS *, lets all come together to make a new Amiga, one that we want to see...

... now i know as well as you do, this just isn't possible, but so is Amiga Inc of making a success of this whole scenerio...

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