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But face it: 2D gaming is practically dead (that would be the one area where
Amiga technology would still be somehwat competitive), same goes for analog video.

Today, computers are about true colour image manipulation, 3D gaming, and digital
video/audio. The hardware that is available is extremely good at these jobs.
There is no sense in trying to compete with the existing hardware. You won't have
the slightest chance - and why should you try to do so at all?
Of course today's computing is a lot different and I don't say we should get stuck with old hardware and watch our rotten A1200 mainboards die. But I mean, if Amiga should return, that should be something extraordinary! What is Amigaone for? Apart from it's technology, the targeted market is different. It's not a home computer, it's a geek computer! People like us may wonder and buy it but that's just it because there is -no reason- for anyone to buy it. Admit it, it has just ordinary technology and extremely sparse () software support. Refuse this if you'd like but please answer, will there ever be amigaone/amigaos versions of photoshop,lightwave or maya or <put your favourite killer gfx app here> ? This will never happen and I can't think of an amiga that is not about graphics. Forget the custom chipset, let's say it was yesterday's technology. That's a fact it was old but it was an obvious advantage for amiga in the graphic market at that time. Today amiga should win it's advantageous position back if amigaone is to be a machine that deserves it's name and this *could* be achieved with software if amiga doesn't manufacture it's own hardware anymore. That's ok as long as good 2d gfx boards like matrox's or nvidia's or ati's 3d accelerators will work with a1 but windows and mac platforms have great software support. Hardware is useless without software and crappy photogenics is nothing against adobe photoshop and I don't think amiga inc or their partners in crime are aware of that. Additionally, software support is nothing alone, amigaone/amigaos should be BETTER in running that software and a1 is in need of a miracle

Also I wonder why would anyone install macos on amigaone, when they can just get a mac.

This is a retrogaming board but that doesn't mean that we are all stuck with pointless nostalgia, no matter how much you'd like to see it this way.

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