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Originally Posted by Lernatix View Post
OK, I have got AmigaAmp to run .mp3's and now am curious about video.

Can WinUAE run video playback of .avi, xvid, .wmv etc..?

I found a program called FROGGER but I haven't tried it yet.
I also have a codec pack for it but dont know where to place the folder.
Frogger can play AVI, MOV, QT, DivX, Xvid, MP4, WMV and more.

Try reading the docs for Frogger. They clearly state that the Codecs directory should be in the same place as the Frogger executable, eg:

DH0:Utilities/Codecs_68k/divx.xp etc.

Bear in mind that Frogger hasn't been developed for more than 3 years, so its' codecs won't support media that uses newer versions.

Frogger is also shareware, and is restricted to playing the first 30% of a file without the keyfile. Registration is no longer possible, and the author doesn't have an Amiga anymore. Google for FroggerNG.key and the first link is a set of keys.
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