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I received a title yesterday : : AmiKIT Benchmark....

AmigaSYS Amikit,AIAB or Amiga 4000 , comparison, with the statement that he is AmiKIT safe in a manner very fast , and AmigaSYS does not approach it yet.

I look at this I said it, and I test it somewhat in detail AmigaSYS and Amikit pair one. We look at it what knows the high-end Classic Amiga environment = AmiKIT, against AmigaSYS working by few supports. Of course with pictures

Test config :
AMD Athlon 3200 , 1 GB Dual Channel DDR400, SATA, Nvidia GForce FX 6.
AmigaSYS 3 Plus default config.
Amikit 1.4.0 default config.
WinUAE 1.4.4.

1. test Windows install time
2. test ( Os 3.9 installs time) / H&P,Amithlon, Amiga Forever 2006
3. test boot time
4. test Amigod 2 / Intution / Memory /SAFE modes
5. test TMPEG ENC 60 MB Wav encode 128 Kbit MP3
6. test 30 MB LHA Unpack RAM
7. test 30 MB LHA Unpack HD.
9. test platforms support.

The test not cheating , anybody who may rehearse it. I have an opinion , but I do not say it rather The pictures/numbers relate it. I anyway AmigaSYS I recommend it!

If you do not know the AmigaSYS try it!

Pictures and test results :

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