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For those that helped/followed my earlier thread ADF Hell I have persevered with this problem and found that small files can be transferred with little (or very few) problems. Large files such as .adf or .dms are corrupted in the transfer and will not make a valid disk. I have made the packet transfer size 512 and this helps a bit, but those large files are still corrupted - the file type seems to make no difference, lha and lzx are broken as well.

My solution is to use chunker and split the files into 2k chunks and transfer those from the PC, and then to dechunk the files back into their original size on the Amiga. I then use Packmaster (or WBDms) to create the disk in df0. So far this has worked and I have been able to play ChaosEngine on the A1200.

OK this works, but it is pretty tedious, so my questions are these - Why are the large files corrupted? And why dosen't PC2Amiga know they are broken? (what is wrong with its' error checking?)

Is there a better Parallel transfer prog I can use?
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