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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
its a shame you cannot see the logic in advertising your previous work in the attempt to coerce and entice uses to upgrade to their modern 'supported' systems, ask Pyromania if you still struggle to see the logic of it
Erm, there is a free trial for all the 'supported' systems. Why would I download a crappy version for a dead piece of hardware when I can try the latest version on my target system right now?

Also I'd love to see how many of these hobbyists would pay 600euros for a piece of software.

You say people need 'coercing' to upgrade to a new platform. No offense, but if you think people are still using Amiga machine in production for anything more than a tiny (I mean miniscule) drop in the ocean of real commercial projects you're dreaming. In fact I'd be interested if you could point me to any successful commercial projects current running or being developed on Amiga.

Perhaps Pyromania could 'enlighten me' as you put it.

Plus we're not trolling... It was never going to be a killer thread

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