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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Ever resolute in your fight for the OS freedom my friend.

Ahhh how i wish only it to be one day, I can hold onto that thought. sooner or later it will happen....

Alas i doubt the current actually OWN the classic OS in the sense they can OPENLY disseminate it. so its a case of hunting down whom actually does.... but one thing I read from the links is quite heartening

Originally Posted by ROOL
Opening up the RISC OS blue prints was a courageous initiative. From Castle's point of view, it was loosening the grip on a precious commodity, its intellectual property. Furthermore, it was a public admission that they were too small a company working too small a market and with too few resources to develop RISC OS further by themselves.

It can be a difficult thing to do, to ask for help. Many a business in the computing and electronics industry has gone bust through a combination of pride and failure to adapt to changing circumstance. Castle went through considerable internal agonizing before finally deciding to go down the shared source path.
maybe in time..... maybe.... i would like to hope so...
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