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Why not the classic OS..?

For several reasons I could understand people saying 'not this topic again' or 'Charlie stop whittling-on about non-Amiga systems'.


This makes interesting reading to someone like me who would like to see the classic AOS sources opened.

A quick history lesson:
RiscOS is a closed-source OS that has had many, many contributors to it over the years - each with their own separate licensing arrangements, some big-unfriendly companies.
Some years ago the OS forked:
RISCOS Ltd - Maintainers of 'primary branch'.
Castle Technology - Maintainers of the 'RiscOS 5 branch'.
(fairly friendly rivals who have a lot of source code in common)

RiscOS is a very much a minority platform with limited resources. For years the 'community' has been asking for the OS to be 'opened' in an effort to aid development.

Is any of this sounding familiar?

Well, despite the obvious obstacles it's the first Anniversary of Castle's initiative to open their branch of the source-code to the public - all is going well! Don't forget this has taken much on-going 'behind-the-scenes' negotiation with the many other owners of the code:

RISCOS Ltd have a commercial business based on a very similar code-base.
Pace Micro Technology plc still hold an independent claim to everything.
Lots of big companies hold the rights to some significant portions of the code too!
M$ are rumored to still have the rights to ROS's font-rendering engine!
(One of those: 'we'll buy-out a smaller company because they have better technology' deals that unusually didn't see the end of the smaller company)

Why not AmigaOS?
It's obvious that where there's a will there's a way!
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