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>> I have to agree with Akira,Burseg,Djay etc.,the Amiga was about it hardware
>> capabilities. When it was first shown off to the world it seemed unbeliveable
>> specifications,4096 colours on-screen etc. It was the machine that every
>> other design had to beat.

I see your point (and I partly agree of course). As this is a retro-gaming board,
I'm not surprised by this attitude.

But face it: 2D gaming is practically dead (that would be the one area where
Amiga technology would still be somehwat competitive), same goes for analog video.

Today, computers are about true colour image manipulation, 3D gaming, and digital
video/audio. The hardware that is available is extremely good at these jobs.
There is no sense in trying to compete with the existing hardware. You won't have
the slightest chance - and why should you try to do so at all?

Two years ago, the NASA still used Amigas for mission critical surveillance
issues (don't know if they still do). Draco and Casablanca were extremely popular
(at least in Europe) NLE video editing devices using AmigaOS, but not the Amiga
custom chips. Amigas were able to burn MP3s on the fly to CDDAs, years before
PCs could handle that task. These are reasons why *I* still love this machine
(not to forget retro-gaming of course and that are not tied to the Custom

>> If this new Amiga is being aimed at the small percentage that are still active
>> Amiga users,then it'll die at it's birth.

Well, that's your point of view. Some people are putting lots of money into the
OS4 project, I guess these people don't share your viewpoint

>> It would take something spectacularly new to drive users away from their PC's,
>> PS2's,Mac's,X-box's etc.

No. Does Linux have something spectacular to offer? Or the Mac? And Windows has a
lot of spectacular faults btw.

>> And for those that knock the "games don't matter" line,it could be argued the
>> gaming sectore kept the Amiga alive for as long as it did.

I didn't say "games don't matter". I said "old games don't matter", because somebody
requested all future Amigas must have Custom Chip compatability.
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