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>> AmigaOne - A new amiga that uses other companies hardware, it's like a PC or
>> MAC (apart from processor) then?

Yes. In fact, it is pretty much the same as a Mac.

>> Software - Who is gonna write software for this machine?

I answered that in a reply to one of Frederic's postings.

>> Drivers - If its using other companies hardware (officially?), who is gonna
>> write the drivers?

Amiga developers of course . OS4 will include drivers for:

- Soundblaster Live and SB ??? (What's that high end model with the EMU-something
chip called?)
- ATI Radeon family (including latest models)
- Matrox G450/550 and similar
- Voodoo 3/4/5
- Permedia 2/3
- SCRIPTS (SCSI controller)
- Some LAN adapter chipset I actually forgot.

USB stack will be minimal at first (mice, keyboards). Probably Turboprint (commercial
third party product which Amigans use for printer support for ages) will be released
as a USB version.

I can't go into more detail, as there are still negotiations going on. Expect AmigaOS4
to support a very limited range of hardware (compared to Windows), but expect it to
have very good support for the stuff that actually is supported.

>> Software again - Is the general market gonna except another OS in the mix (Windows,
>> Linux, Beos, Mac OS X,9)?

You guys have to get one thing out of your minds: AmigaOS4 and the AmigaOne are
*not* an attempt to get into the "general market". The AmigaOne won't be sold by your
average PC dealer. There is no way to break Window's dominance by simply offering an
alternative OS.

That said, there *is* demand for a Windows alternative. AmigaOS offers a lot of
advantages, compared to Linux or MacOS. Advantages for users:

- very ressource friendly and fast
- very sensible structure, easy to understand, the user is controlling the OS, not
vice versa
- *highly* configurable to fit your needs
- there is already a broad range of software available
- existing infrastructure (user groups, Amiga shows, web based services, magazines,

Adavantages for developers:

- users that are willing to pay for software (as opposed to the Linux community,
the Linux market is no market for commercial software developers)
- very easy to code
- very well documented APIs
- free software development kits and documentation
- existing infrastructure (see above)

Once again: If you think Windows is a good OS, or it suits your needs at least,
you shouldn't bother with AmigaOS4.

>> Software again, again - The wonderfull windows XP isn't truly backwardly
>> compatiable, i suppose this is gonna happen with the AmigaOne OS?

Please don't use the words "WindowsXP" and "wonderful" in the same sentence.

The A1 will be able to run a lot of the existing applications (probably 99% of the
stuff that was developed/updated in the last few years). And it will run a lot of
the really *old* stuff if an A1200 motherboard is attached. You'll probably need
WHDLoad to get games running, but I already need to do that on my current A1200
(and WHDLoad is a brilliant piece of software).

>> Business use - how many businesses do you know that used the Amiga 10 years ago?

Not much. Blame Commodore. So what? AmigaOne is still a "home computer".

>> Lifespan - The Amiga as a machine lasted a fairly long time (commerically), but
>> it did die, whos to say that won't happen again?

Nobody. So what? If Amiga fails miserably, I'll use MacOS X on my AmigaOne.

>> Nokia - What do nokia know about the computer industry?

Next to nothing. But Nokia knows *a lot* about embedded devices. And that's where
AmigaDE is aiming at the moment. Note that there's a difference between AmigaOne/
AmigaOS4 and AmigaDE.

>> Amiga - What has the AmigaOne got to do with the Amiga, it uses none of the
>> original hardware, OS or software?

An AmigaOne uses the same OS that your A500 used. There's still exec.library,
dos.library and intuition.library.

You can attach an A1200 to your AmigaOne, then it will have "Custom Chips", just
like your A500 (and that's the *only* possible way to do this).

An AmigaOne runs a lot of the old software (as long as an A1200 is attached) and
all software that is retargettable (without an A1200 attached).
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