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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
So how is this better than Amithlon? It's got Linux running in the background whereas Amithlon only has the Linux kernel but no Linux windowing systems etc?

I guess this will be more compatible and perhaps a tad faster than WinUAE but I'm not "horribly" excited
I wholly agree - it's not better than Amithlon, it's MUCH worse!

For those who aren't lucky enough to be using Amithlon:

You can build a sh1t-hot RTG Amiga using Amithlon, but chances are it won't run properly on your current x86 box, you'll have to build a dedicated system.
I'd say it's well worth the effort, especially as top-rated Amithlon parts can be found on eBay for buttons. But for many that may not be practicable.

AOS + *UAE will not run 'right' on any non-RTOS (AmigaXL) - end of story.

It may well be very hard to tell with something like X-Amiga... There's hopefully insufficient Linux running underneath to mess AOS up that badly.
...and it should work on just about any x86 box.
...and if like me you regard Linux as the 'disgusting son of unspeakable slime' at least you won't have to watch it booting.

There's no chance I'll stop using Amithlon for the foreseeable future, unless someone want's to give me a copy of Umilator, but X-Amiga should be a great alternate

I really must find the time to actually install it & see...

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