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A (rather long) thought:
Are we all from our different perspectives having the same problem..?

The offically sanctioned product will always be regarded as the future.
-Near as d*mn-it that's OS4
We've been consistently let down by our 'leaders' for years so we have no confidence in that future.

Those 'pro' OS4 want to have the 'offical release'. "PPC is good."
Those 'anti' OS4 are sufficiently p*ssed-off to be wondering what the point is. "The Amiga ended with the 68k line."

There are plenty of Amiga-like enviroments: MOS, Amithlon, AROS, X-Amiga, etc... some of which may have greater merrit than AOS4. We don't argue about them because thay aren't 'offical' regardless of how you may feel that may have been 'degraded' by the years of messing about.

To illustrate:
Apple have 'progressed' from 68k->PPC->x86. Their 'users' have swallowed that for two reasons: It's the offical line & there hasn't been too much messing about in the process.
PPC-OS8.1 was just the 68k version with an emulator. How is Amithlon for example different..? It's not the offically sanctioned way forward.

What am I getting at?
The nay-sayers (me) now regard Amiga as a dead platform & therefore say anything post 68k is so much do-do. (that's not to say I wouldn't like to run an Amiga-like enviroment on my x86 box)
The pro-sayers see PPC-OS4 as the offical way forward regardless of any difficulties & therefore understandably want it.

We're arguing about our personal perceptions, not necessarily the merrit(s) of OS4.
There is therefore no rational conclusion to that discussion.

Having gotten all Vulcan over this, I now feel I can Troll on this thread to my heart's content if it continues much longer.

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