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Okay,just thought I'd add my two cents worth about the "amiga" & what it meant....
I have to agree with Akira,Burseg,Djay etc.,the Amiga was about it hardware capabilities. When it was first shown off to the world it seemed unbeliveable specifications,4096 colours on-screen etc. It was the machine that every other design had to beat.
If this new Amiga is being aimed at the small percentage that are still active Amiga users,then it'll die at it's birth. It would take something spectacularly new to drive users away from their PC's, PS2's,Mac's,X-box's etc.
And for those that knock the "games don't matter" line,it could be argued the gaming sectore kept the Amiga alive for as long as it did. And look at how the average PC took off after Doom rose to prominence, you had to have sound,& a good GFX card etc.
Can you honestly say the PC market would've taken off had it not been for gamers hankering to the latest X-brand sound/GFX card to run "Y" game??
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