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If I'm not mistaken,isn't X-box's 3D driven by DirectX? If so, there will be the first area/"patch" that will ever feature on a console!

But toally agree on the factor about the "looks vs gameplay" comments.
In a sense it might be hypocritical for the longtime Amigafans to be talking about this as in the early days several Amiga titles DID look better but played like crap as Galahad said. But it worked in phases,& things improved,when like the C64, stuff released later in it's life was technically great,but played just as well.

But I fear Twistin's comments are also true. "Mickeysoft",wan't to head in the direction of "subscription" for the O/S & apps in the future,why not earn a moneyspinner in the games area too.

The other concern is,for all the knowledge that the Dragonslair Space Ace type Readysoft games were crud to play,how many of them were released? Unfortunately,those types of titles will sell regardless just because they look good.
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