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Originally Posted by mihcael View Post
So who is going to be able to make it on Saturday?

i'll be there, THB too (i believe),

Blade you better be there!!
and WhiteB IS brining the minimig??
I "will" be there mihcael But damn i wish i had of bought that device for the C64 when i was in Germany. You know, the one that plugs into the back and allows you to slide in a memory card and transfer virtually EVERY C64 game ever onto the card!.

I was talking to Jen Schoenfeld about it in person at the time, and when i asked the price, he said 50 Euro. At the time, it seems like a lot and i "did not" buy it!!.... EEERRGGGhhhh... I am an idiot!.

And yep, WhiteB is bringing the Minimig !!

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