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adonay does make an important point: Why bother to port to x86, there are already ways to run AOS on x86..?

My personal experience may provide a good enough reason:
I'm sad enough that playing with 'alternate OS's' and old hardware is something of a hobby. That's my reason for being here, it's a bonus that my Amithlon setup is actually quite useful.
It's for this reason I'd buy OS4-x86 even though I've already got access to the 'alternates'. Hell, at last count my main PC already multiboots 7 OS's! Then there's the OS's the other computers run... I'd add another, maybe like Amithlon it will prove to be useful. (I'm physically running out of room for hardware & can't justify spending a lot more, but I can always buy another HDD)

To me you can sell a few copies of OS4 to the majority A1 & classicPPC owners...
or can sell a hell-of-a-lot of copies to a tiny proportion of the vast sea of x86 owners who like me share a slightly sad interest in such things.

As Zetr0 has touched on, the maths is simple enough. Not doing so possibly shows evidence of 'other agendas'.

Another point that has already been well put: At what point will we have had enough of being pooed-upon and stop supporting the great overloaded arses who keep opening their sphincters on us..? (hmm, that's an unpleasant image)

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