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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

indeed! even the MAC have "evolved" to use X86, why on earth go backwards?! makes absolutely no sense.

infact I would love to have the source code for both OS3.5 AND 4.0... and then I would compile the damn things for x86, prolly bundle a £60 PCIE rom and chips set card for £100

clearly a winner... i would make a ship-load of money, i would then put back into developing classic systems for regular PC upgrades as well OS updates etc.

this way i don't have to worry about the hardware as the industry takes care of that, and all i do is essentially cash in on the retr0 community at LARGE, but in return i give them something THEY want.

but hey, clearly business is about pigeon - holing people into exploitable resource... that an legal cases it seems....
Why bother we have both aros and Amithlon "or had" we also have winuae so there is really no use in using xxxx£ porting the damn system over as far as i can see. But that would make a solid argument why to use os4 on any system at all . Does os4 realy bring us something we do not have in the other alternatives ?

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