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Ya' like it Retr0?
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indeed! even the MAC have "evolved" to use X86, why on earth go backwards?! makes absolutely no sense.

infact I would love to have the source code for both OS3.5 AND 4.0... and then I would compile the damn things for x86, prolly bundle a £60 PCIE rom and chips set card for £100

clearly a winner... i would make a ship-load of money, i would then put back into developing classic systems for regular PC upgrades as well OS updates etc.

this way i don't have to worry about the hardware as the industry takes care of that, and all i do is essentially cash in on the retr0 community at LARGE, but in return i give them something THEY want.

but hey, clearly business is about pigeon - holing people into exploitable resource... that an legal cases it seems....
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