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Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
Maybe you are right I'm too young.

I'm old enough to know not to respond to that flame bait you patronising git!

Forgive me if you think I was baiting, It certainly was not my intention, However it is difficult to convey what it was like having an Amiga back in the late 80's early 90's when all that was available was at best dos prompt or Window 3.10. Even the early macs at the time weren't all that. Add that to the fact that most people either had a sega mega drive or a C64 and you can understand just how amazing and truly eye popping the Amiga was back then.

True, it has long been surpassed, but trust me, you had to be there at the time. So yeah, maybe its nostalgia or something about keeping in touch with my youth, but this is why I am still using an Amiga. It is also why I said about you being too young to understand. Its also, something quite European.

No offence intended.
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