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(PPC) = Pointless Propriety Crap

wanna get locked into an overly expensive upgrade path?

wanna run PC Feature-full programs at half the speed but twice the cost?

wanna say that you are supporting a comunity of 1 ?

then you need OS4.0 PCC "classic" eddition, in fact its that classic you can only use a £600 amiga or £700 amiga 1.

howmany PPC amigas are there.... oh not many... maybe a couple of thousand ? even less Amiga Ones

so if you want to be counted into a very VERY small computing minority then join the FFLC or Fools For Life Club...

okay okay... thats all a bit harsh, I like reviewing OS, I have a varied collection my self... and in truth i would support OS4 IF they brought out an x86 version.. but that kinda breaks the ethos of PPC...
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