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Amiga os will never be a mainstream os no mather how you look at it. This os4 is just the same as our 3.x in that fact it will only be of plessure for a special audiance such as us . Even it is a pitty it is with out hardware in that regard a shame really. I gues we just have to see what happnes . If it gets out or not. As too say we can not buy a good os 3.x classic capable real amiga system in any store for 100$ either so the argument would be only for special interested. AS for me i hope there will be some otther hardware for thoose otthers that would be interested in it . If you dont care for os4 then why bother using your energy talking negative about it .. Personally i think hyperion has done a good job with os4 classic as i have seen the beta running on classics before "2 years ago" . I am not sure i will replace it with my main amiga though as i love classic games and demos ...Just my opinion
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