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Intel representative cant do maths

I was just reading the news and I came across this article about the new 45nm Intel Penryn.

Originally Posted by Bill Kircos
Had we used the same transistors that we used in our chips 15 to 20 years ago, the chip would be about the size of a two-storey building
Two-Storey building eh?

Well the gate size on the penryn is 45nm, and the chip is 107mm^2 (approx 1cm by 1cm).

If we look at what chips were in production 20 years ago (1987).

You'll see that a 1988 486 had a 1um gate size (1000nm).

So the gates were 22x bigger. So the die would be roughly 22cm x 22cm.

Hardly the size of a house
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