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I'm unclear on a couple of things

Okay here goes.....

AmigaOne - A new amiga that uses other companies hardware, it's like a PC or MAC (apart from processor) then?

Software - Who is gonna write software for this machine?

Drivers - If its using other companies hardware (officially?), who is gonna write the drivers?

Software again - Is the general market gonna except another OS in the mix (Windows, Linux, Beos, Mac OS X,9)?

Software again, again - The wonderfull windows XP isn't truly backwardly compatiable, i suppose this is gonna happen with the AmigaOne OS?

Business use - how many businesses do you know that used the Amiga 10 years ago?

Lifespan - The Amiga as a machine lasted a fairly long time (commerically), but it did die, whos to say that won't happen again?

Nokia - What do nokia know about the computer industry?

Amiga - What has the AmigaOne got to do with the Amiga, it uses none of the original hardware, OS or software?

Thanks for in advance for answering my stupid questions...
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