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>> I can assure you, there is a demand for it!

I'll post my version of a "Amiga these days" faq tomorrow. It's more of an
article than a faq, but who cares

>> Ah, but that is a configurable option in CED...

Not that I know of ? I can turn on word wrapping, but that will still
generate linefeeds ?


>> Amiga 3000UX is an extreme example but my point is actually "if it has AmigaOS
>> that runs on an real amiga hardware, it is Amiga.

There's no further need to discuss this You won't agree that an AmigaOne
is an Amiga, and I won't agree that an Amiga needs custom chips.

Actually, I feel sorry for you: I can look forward to purchasing a new
Amiga model - you can't
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