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Someone continually shits on you from a great height for years and years and years constantly stealing your money and spending it on more curry so he can continue to shit on you...

Person continually speaks shit and you continue to stand underneath so you can remain being shat on for years to come, in the somewhat vague hope that one ounce of this shit speak is actually true...

Many years pass, you really should have walked away, had a shower and got some self respect back but no, you continue to remain in the shower of shit while others laugh at you..

Over time, person announces various great plans which may mean you can avoid being shat on, but as expected all plans for the shit umbrella are in fact just lies and said lies just contain more shit...

By now most people have been shit on enough, but some people seem to really like being shit on... and seemingly will continue to do so forever...

Now let's just say that somewhere down the story of shit, person does indeed produce a shit umbrella. People who actually go out and buy this shit umbrella really do need their heads tested.
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