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Originally Posted by drunk View Post
Well foks I read many messages and here is a user who never had the pleasure to use the fine amiga system. My first computer was a commodore 64 in high school and i was at that time dreaming of the commodore 128. Oooohh dual sided floppy and 80 caracter screen instead of 40. Double ram. Wow. And one time i saw an amiga what was it 9060 collors at the same time and resolutions i never seen bifore. Wow dreams change so quick ha. I want to buy an amiga now. Oh boy cost. Guess what I never got to buy it I got a pc 8088 procesor 40 meg hard drive rll format or mfm had a cga card. or ega.and 300 baud modem. So fast could baraly keep up reading the lines as they came by. Now i just wonder what made me by the pc. Tell you what hardware called expention capability. That is why I allways got pc. The software allways came second. I allways cared to be able to swap things. Now im not the smartest guy but if you had a wife with ugly face and could swap her face. I bet that would put the smile back on yours. So there you have it most computers fail because the hardware changes so quick. Only reason pc survive so long is not software but hardware that can be swaped. The software is second so cant expect people to run dos on todays hardware can you. I see amiga as you trying to run comodore 64 on a pc its a good hobby but come on are u nuts????????????????????
Well, clearly you do rate software second to the hardware, because you would surely have had a better spell/vocabulary checker than the obviously ancient one you are using now!!

To make it easy for you to understand, I'll use terms you can appreciate:

Ford Mustangs are a bit old now, and for sure newer Mustangs and Fords in general are better built, faster, better economy on fuel, does that mean you should scrap your old Mustang because of this?

The Amiga can be expanded upon with hardware, its just that for many people, the base hardware was good enough for what they wanted, something you couldn't say about the PC.

You keep playing your catch up game with the PC, buying every new piece of hardware that comes your way, the only reason software is second to you is because you have no money left after buying the latest super whizzy speedy graphics card, and the irony is (and you clearly don't see it!) is that you can have all the best hardware in the world, but no software to utilise it!

Haha, what a muppet!
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