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I've got a Acorn 600 with a 287mhz Strong Arm Processor, and a Atari Falcon.

And you know what, it does make me happy.

Oh, right, RISCO is pretty nice, argubly at least as good as AmigaOS, well depends which A(miga)OS I suppose, it's also rather Mac X like...

It's a nice little machine, plugs straight into a VGA Monitor, upgrade the Roms to 3.7 (I think) and the CD rom drive works straight away, unlike the fannying about you have to do with a 1200/4000. Not really had much chance to have a look at ArcElite, but other than not being able to control the ship with the mouse, it does look a like very good version.

Atari Falcon, not really had much time to play with this, but OS actually feels like a, errr OS unlike the ST version! Also this worked plug straight into a modern flatscreen Monitor, but I did have trouble getting it to play old ST games, but as I say, not had much time to play with it...

Still prefer the Amiga to, well, everything else at the moment...
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