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Angry Connecting Amiga to PC via null-modem

I am following the guide on aminet NullTCP.lha on connecting an my amiga to a pc via nullmodem but I can't get get it to work.

I have an A600 with a 1Mb expansion (totaling 2mb chip) and an HD.

The connection part works fine, I use hyperterminal on the PC and NComm on the amiga and transfered several files without problems.

What i did was this. Firstly I set the physical connection, speed and handshake of serial connection on the amiga and pc side.
Secondly, I configure Miami on the amiga, give it an IP and all that. Then I set the network connection on the xp machine via new connection wizard (Set up advanced connection->connect directly to another computer->guest , I tried host also without success).

So, I click the network connection on the xp machine and it says "Dialing...". Then on the amiga side I hit "Online" in Miami and it stays on "Configuring PPP level LCP" andnothing happens.

Has anyone tried to connect an Amiga using Miami or similar (i also tried AmiTCP with ppp.device and TermiteTCP) to an Windows XP machine?????


PS: I don't know if this helps but I observed what happens by capturing with a terminal program in both sides and I found this...
Capturing on the PC side when I click "online" in miami in the amiga gives me a lot of "garbage" data, (which are the LCP frames)
Capturing on the Amiga when I click on the network connection on the PC gives me nothing but a single byte "7F" in hex. When i hit cancel, it sends the string "Bye" followed by another "7F" byte. I have no idea what protocol this is.

I also tried running miami in winuae on the pc, and tried to connect to the amiga. And it gets past the "Configuring PPP level LCP" so the link is okay. Why the windows machine is not responding?
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