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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
which keys are the controls?
When you see the bouncing Starfighter Logo

Press "5" (for credits) and then "space" for starting (ingame works fine with a Joypad/mouse)
Press "0" to enter the dip-switches to change some configs

RTFM, Paul!!!
III. How to play:
The game is a dual joystick game with 2 fire buttons, 3 weapon
toggles and a coin switch. In addition for MAME adaptation, there
is a weapon toggle set to a single button to cycle weapons. There
is also a button for diagnostic mode (all dipswitches).


Turret movement and right fire ASWD LAlt

Reticle and left fire JKLI Space
Mouse and mouse fire if active
Mouse 1 fire, Mouse2 Weapon toggle, 3 DeathBlossom

Laser m
Particle Beam ,
Photon bolt (Missiles) .

MAME Weapon Toggle 1
Diagnostic Mode 0

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