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Cool USB to LAN adapter.

As part of an A1200 project (currently on hold awaiting parts) I wanted to network it without having a PCMCIA card sticking out three feet from the side.

-One USB card. (subway in my case)
-One USB stack. (Poseidon 3.2 & up will do - updates could be tricky)
-One USB to RJ45 adapter.*

*but what adapter?
-Most don't quote specific chipsets. (Pegasus I-II or ASIX needed)
-Even when you think you've bought the correct one there's every chance it won't contain the expected chipset. (manufacturers are in the habbit of making regular changes without warning - caught me out)

Cablestar to the rescue.
I've been in touch with Cablestar a fair bit recently on this subject and they have really gone above-and-beyond in an attempt to be helpful. I suspect there's an Amiga fan buried in there somewhere.
This is the link to the specific adapter:
USB 2.0 (1.1 compliant), Pegasus chipset...

My copy of Poseidon recognizes it quite happily, unlike the other adapter I bought.
Have I set up a network with it? No, but only because I haven't gotten round to it yet. I'm far from the first person to do this, so I know it can be done in principle. A reliable source of adapters with compatible chipset(s) is the problem.

So, look them up. (worth mentioning you're using a miggy if you make an order; for the above reasons)
They've got a fair bit of other potentially useful stuff. Keep in mind they don't officially support Amigas but I'd say a supplier willing to be this helpful is worth supporting.

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