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Thumbs up Amiga Up To Speed!!!!

Ok, thanx guys..its working!!!
I had like bootblock viruses on all my disks...
Even on a old virus cleaner disk that i used to get rid of the evil things... The amiga explorer is now working fine with the adf writing utility...adfs->To amiga floppy...straight from the pc...very nice I wish that i had some more speed in the conection thoug... but you cant get everything at once hu..!?!
I found a computer shop in sweden that sells amiga parts and amigas...Very nice! I am thinking of buying an 1200 with hd... Someone knows stuff to look out for...?! Hardware buggs etc..?
Also one of my friend told me that he had an amiga 3000 at home somewere.... If he finds all the part of it... Maybe he would sell it to me.....Very nice! Soon i can throw the pc out....

Thanx again... J.
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