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Well, seems as if Microsoft are displaying an inability to know how to make a good game!

Psygnosis were in the enviable position for a long time that graphics sold a game, that was until other software companies caught up and did the same graphics but with gameplay.

Lets face it, the first 14 or so Psygnosis games were shit! But flashy graphics and intros and music sold the games by the shipload.

Playstation had the benefits of Psygnosis's abilities, but many people got bored with the Playstation quite quickly. Whilst every knows the Saturn wasn't quite as hot as the Playstation at the 3d stuff, in the 2d arena, the Saturn wiped the floor with the Playstation.

Most of the best games came out on Saturn and Dreamcast, even magazines were admitting that a lot of the Dreamcast versions were better, but the damage was already done to Sega.

Sony now realised that they have to concentrate on games as a whole package, not 'wow look at that'.

Frankly, I am happy that Microsoft is choosing the direction they are going in, because they have kinda totally missed the point about consoles......

I don't want to have to defrag the hard drive on my console, I dont give a fuck about the extra storage ability, I will just stick another CD in there, I certainly don't give a fuck about adding updates to games (unless of course I want to use that route for piracy/cracking), but that suggests that the game was rushed out in the first place!

I don't much like Sony, but I dislike Microsoft more...... I just wanna plug in and play....... except that concept as far as the X-Box goes is merely a soundbite!
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