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Re: Patches & such

Originally posted by LaundroMat
Lots of time has been lost since the establishment of MS.. I've always wondered what the computer world would have looked like if they hadn't seized 95% of the market. Think about it, it's unimaginable. Which is not a good thing.
I think about this a lot, too. Actually, it's been on my mind for the better part of the last 7 years.

Technology has been crippled tremendously because of the M$ seizure (hey, nice pun!) and we have come to expect inferiority and mediocrity as if there are/were no alternatives. Like with desktop video, for example: The only serious change in this field is uncompressed data. Beyond that, it's all old-hat stuff that was being done on the Amiga Toaster Flyer back in 1995. If anything, it's gotten choppier since it is, after all, running on bloated Windows.

I think the more compelling question at hand is how long (if at all) will it take to fix this mess?
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