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Tvicport, amiga joysticks + Catweasel on Vista

ok, this is a long shot, and i do not really know where to post it, but it's not completely Off Topic.

I have a Catweasel Mk4 and, on my main partition, with Windows Vista, to use it at least for joystick input and only with Winuae, i had to install tvicport, wich bypasses the IO assign (more or less) so that no driver is needed for the amiga joysticks connected there to work inside the emulation.

of course, on my partition with Windows XP 32 bit, catweasel works completely, but it's unpractical to have around for real use so i boot that just for copy amiga disks to pc.

however, winuae proves that tvicport could be used to map the joysticks connected to Catweasel in Vista, without any drivers (Vista has none for that hardware)

my question is: is there a way or a hack to made the joystick input available for all the OS and the joysticks work with all the other emulators around?

i believe there is some amount of coding to do, i don't know at all if it's feasible really, but it would be a neat feature...
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