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Big grin X-Amiga is here!!!

Are you an Amithlon user?
Isn't it great? - oh yes!
-Are you a bit p*ssed it won't run on your latest Uber-box?
(D*mn A(hole).STinc to h*ll! for all their c*ck-ups!)
-Can't be bothered to build a dedicated Amithlon box?
(shame on you! )

Well, X-Amiga is (finally) available for download.

In a nut-shell its a copy of E-UAE rolled up with a highly stripped out version of Gentoo Linux.

-Some people don't like that whole running an emulator on top of an alien OS, thing.
-UAE in all its forms is a wonderful, wonderful emulator but it doesn't feel remotely like a real Amiga to use (unlike Amithlon). This is not the emulator's fault, but the cr*ppy underlaying OS getting in the way. In theory using a highly stripped Linux compiled to your hardware will cure both the above issues.

-Also it helps minimize that whole underlaying bloated OS sapping the life out of your Amiga environment, thing. ie More speed.

I'm a bit exited, I hope you are too. I've been banging on for ages about how good the classic OS is with a bit of grunt behind it when you don't have Windoze or Linux underneath spoiling the show.
This is hopefully a more accessible option for those who haven't braved Amithlon.

No, I've not installed it yet. Here's hoping it achieves the above goals!
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