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Patches & such

@ Akira: The patching thing wasn't meant ironically, it was just an observation. Which doesn't mean that I wouldn't hate to see unfinished games being released.

@ Khephren: You're talking about additional content, not patches in the strict sense of the word. It's obvious that mods, additional levels, etc etc would be a great use of the net connection of consoles. In fact, I'm looking forward to seeing some good stuff arrive for my PS2.

In any case, it seems the MS reign is little by little wearing out. Apparently, the X-Box undersold enormously in Japan ("Japanese gamers are the most sophisticated", sez Bill), and the direction the antitrust trial is taking deeply worries the Redmond Beast.

Lots of time has been lost since the establishment of MS.. I've always wondered what the computer world would have looked like if they hadn't seized 95% of the market. Think about it, it's unimaginable. Which is not a good thing.
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