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Originally Posted by Slayer View Post
welp... I have 8 A4000s and heaps of graphics cards and most whatever else you want to add and 1 perfect 233mhz PPC board...

if indeed OS4 is coming for the classic I brought it yesterday...

most of you people don't even belong in this thread

I will always continue to be a happy Amiga user... heh

let me go look at the site now and get my order in
Yeah i must admit, that despite the valid points people like PJ have, we really have become a real pessimistic bunch haven't we. Like grumpy old men, grumbling about everything, although yes Amiga Inc is run by a bunch of fuckwits, and i will agree with PJ on his most recent comment.

But a real Amiga for me is an 680X0 CPU based one. Amiga was Amiga based on its beautiful chipset and architecture. Its OS was just a beautiful extension of what was already an amazing system.

I do welcome OS4.0, but as we have learned from past experience and the quote we all know "Just 2 more weeks", its unlikely we will see it happen on the 30th of November.
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