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Fred can't defend emulation. See, he says "I just downloaded a cracked version of Amiga Forever. I want to buy an Amiga 1200 now. Really. Garbage.", and then "I am certain , though, that I enjoyed my games more when I owned a used Atari St than the emus. There definitely is a better feel on the real thing. "

Come on Frederica, you miss the real thing! stop emulating! Dont tell me you dont miss the days of floppy disks going corrupT! What do you diss now? an ADF? come on!

One of my fondest memoeries of back then, is going to the pirate fuckwit to return a game that he copied wrongly or that he copied onto a faulty disk (X-Copy errors most times, sometimes he had a screwed up copy and he had to go find a proper one before replacing my disk)
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