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I quite agree with Fred, it was much more cooler when I used to play with my Amiga or MSX than with emulators...

In the MSX times, there was this excitement, when you found a guy who also had an MSX, then you would compare your list of games with his , and the next day you would rush to his house with a couple of disks and copy lots of games. Then you would rush back home, with the heart full of excitement, then you would give a "files" command and see all those files and wonder what each game looked by the filename...

THen it came the Amiga... every week I called the pirate dealer here, to see if he had new games... I miss changing disks, it was kind of fun, I hear cracktro music.. geez, I even got to the point when I memorized (by seeing how many times the disk-drive led flashed) when I had to change disks in many games, and I changed the disk before the game request...

That time was cool... emulation sux a lot.
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