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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
your only saying that because elite on the spectrum wasn't as good as the commodore 64...
i claim no expertise, as i never tried the speccy version properly. I'm sure some of the more elite-savvy users of might disagree however! (i was under the impression c64 elite had to be "hacked" before it was as good as the speccy version, ?)

its the pretty poly's isn't it.... don't fight it.... tell the truth.... you will keep you official "Geek Chic"-dom title.... i promise.....
its the ease-of-play i prefer. otherwise i'd be saying first encounters! (which i tried once, and just thought it seemed like frontier with textures, more bugs and crappy home-video-style comm's graphics!)

i wouldnt say no to a hacked amiga frontier with textures however.....
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