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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
I never got why the ST versions of so many games weren't that great.

Yes, ST scrolling wasn't so hot ( but not insurmountable ). Yes, the Amiga was a more capable platform...
...but most of these games should be well within the ST's capabilities.
The ST (not the STe) didn't have hardware scrolling, therefore the processor had to move all that stuff around the screen, hence why the games looked worse. And to further add to its ills, in some cases, less colours were used to try and speed things up.

To be fair to the ST, there were some capable coders on the ST, but as with all things, creating your own game from scratch is easier than having to do conversion work, because with conversion work, you can't just decide to change aspects of the game without them affecting the look and feel, whereas if you have a colour limitation in an original game, then no worries, you work around or incorporate that into your game, because you don't have an arcade machine/Amiga to have to copy.
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