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thank you very much for the nice feedback,

it was a bit strange for me to attempt writing down the life of a person
which also was "a hero" in my youth when there were no software sources
other than a few commercial titles.

imho fred did right, let all go and live life. his life project was by far more
than just visible, it was for long time the template each software collection
project had to compare itself to...

what i personally liked most at fred, his nose didn't go up, he always stayed
a normal person without thinking he was something better or even mighty...

imho, he should stay a template when it comes to maintain a project in
the most peaceful and relaxed way possible.

when i did my research (which by far is not finished yet) i found a thread
in usenet, close to the release of his first fresh fish cd, (shame i lost it)
explaining his easyness most.

it was a flame alike thread about a company starting to offer a fish
comilation cd without fred's consent. a "make money quickly" copy-paste
company it seemed. the thread was full of anger against using fred's work
without any license while fred himself worked on a similar project.

fred stepped in the thread after a while and said (to bring peace there again)
"i hereby disclaim all collection copyright to all fish disks" to relicense the
3rd party "mostly disliked" product, and silence returned.

not many people i know would have reacted that graceful, including me
i must admit. but we are all here to learn of those who do better...

ps: sorry for my bad wording, but you surely got the picture
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