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Originally Posted by ppill View Post
On the level with the three Zeppelins you can fall through the fist gap in the bridge turning left to land on a ledge with a chest containing 1000 coins
There are no coins in that chest. Just a potion with arrows. Anyone knows what are those potions for? As far as I figure out they are counted as a bonus after completing the stage.

1. You get bonus for every thousand of coins
2. You get bonus for each level of shield
3. You get bonus for each shoot something
4. You get bonus for rune bombs left.

In the second world sometimes you may spot pink foes (big flies, snakes on branches). Snakes when killed leave a potion, big fly - the crystal worth 500 coins which turns out into the potion after several seconds. That potion is different than any other. It has a flaming skull inside. When you take it, the weather becomes rainy and some flying monster appears. You can easily kill him but each fire shot takes one rune bomb. Does anyone know what is the purpose of that monster? There are no special coins after killing it. It just makes that your rune bomb are wasted. It may happen that you will fight that monster twice.
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